Coney Island Baby NYC Presents


with Espinal, Dogleg, Pity Pattern
Sun February 3 @ 7:30 PM ( Doors: 7:00 pm )
Coney Island Baby
Ages 21 and Up

Things are cold in Michigan, so you have to keep moving to stay warm. Michigan’s Dogleg tries to write songs that make people want to get up and move and songs that move fast in and of themselves. Combining elements of all of their favorite bands without sounding too close to any of them, their sound varies with influences from the classic and revival eras of D.C. post-hardcore, post-punk, and emo, along with other elements of dance-punk, garage rock, and hardcore punk. What started as the solo project of singer/guitarist Alex Stoitsiadis has quickly become a full-fledged collaborative effort after he enlisted the help of old friends from School of Rock music camp, bassist Chase Macinski and drummer Parker Grissom. They recently put the finishing touches on their debut LP.


Pity Pattern

When you try to keep things energetic, fun, and straightforward, it becomes a lot easier to not get bogged down and worried about sounding like something or someone else. On their new debut album Sorry, As Always, For Everything (out January 22), Boston’s Pity Pattern did just that. Along with writing new material, the three piece -- featuring guitarist/vocalist Chris LaRocque, his brother Devin LaRocque on bass, and drummer Adam Hand -- found themselves re-working songs from their previous bands, some of which were nearly four years old, to create something completely new and exciting. The result is a thoroughly satisfying pop rock record that truly sounds like an amalgamation of all of the artists that influenced it; equal parts Death Cab For Cutie, My Chemical Romance, What What What, and even the almighty Metallica.